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Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The 2 Person Inflatable Bathtub –Saluspa Siena Air jet bathtub is one of the few 2-person bathtubs within the recent bathtub market. Bestway Company manufactures it. An affordable luxurious bathtub, it offers full muscle relaxation and total comfort because of its incredible features.

Product of superior Trite construction material, this bathtub guarantees you durability and resistance to puncture and other forms of damage. It is a perfect spa for a romantic evening or weekend with an intimate Partner or close friend as you relax away your sore muscles.

It is spacious enough for stretching and encompasses a beverage table to carry your drinks and snacks as you soak away. Below we delve into the explanations on why you would like to indulge yourself with this beautiful bathtub.



SaluSpa bathtub is made of Trite material, which is a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

  • This makes it very durable and proof against puncture and other forms of damage. The floor of the new tub is cushioned for added comfort and most significantly for better thermal insulation, and protection against air leaks. This type of floor is created to retain heat, as heat is lost at the underside within the majority of the new tubs. Constructed using I-beam construction technology offers it great support and stability. This type of construction method also means the spa will maintain its shape integrity irrespective of what number of times it’s deflated, stored and, re-inflated.


Generally, Inflatable tubs cost less as compared to traditional built-in hot tubs. Saluspa Siena is no exception. With quality features that promise total relaxation and luxury, this spa is affordable, durable, and straightforward to remain up. It is a worthy investment.


The heater whose system is controlled by a central digital panel can heat the hot tub to the utmost temperature of 104F- this may be often the utmost value that’s set by law to safeguard your health.

Heating rate is 3-4 F per hour. The tub requires about 35% less water to fill (134 gallons of water) than the opposite 4-6capacity hot tubs. What this means is that there is less consumption of heat and hence economical to operate.

Air Jets

The splendid feature about this tub is the 120 air jets. The jets are distributed all around the periphery of the tab giving the last word. A massaging experience by thrusting water through the nozzles at high speed.


Installation is simple. The spa comes with a pump that you simply s simply use to inflate the new tub.

Turn the heater on then install the filter cartridge, which also comes with the spa. The spa comes with a brochure to guide you on how to install it and how to maintain it.

Filling and draining the bathtub is easy too. Employing a hosepipe, fill the bathtub looking on your water flow, this might take around half an hour.


Saluspa Siena needs law maintenance. It takes less water to fill, easy to empty, uses fewer chemicals and power as well. This makes it easy to remain up as compared to other hot tubs.

The hot tub comes with highly efficient two filter cartridges that is able to facilitate you in keeping your bathtub clean and free from algae and bacteria growth.

It also comes with a chemical floater that you simply get to use with either bromides or chlorine to scrub the water.

Control Hub The control hub

The control tub helps you to manage the air jets as well as set preferred temperature

This enables you to just enter within the bath and luxuriate in your soak without having to come out of the water to adjust temperature manually.

Safety and storage

Saluspa Siena is manufactured with two side handles that enables easy transportation.


If you’ve have been trying to hunt out a bath that has you value for money, comfort, durability and also the ambiance for an intimate or private moment along with your spouse/partner, then look no further because Saluspa Siena bathtub is providing you with all that and much more, look no further.

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