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Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs

Are you intending to shop for a Best Four Person Inflatable Hot Tub and you probably have no idea how to go about choosing one that will serve you to your optimum satisfaction? Worry no more because we have you covered. Below we give you tips that will help you invest in the best spa that suits your needs and is friendly to your pocket.

Small capacity spas range in features, quality and cost. Our guide focuses on the top ten best small (four person) hot tubs in the market. We will give you an in-depth review for the following small inflatable spas:

  1. Elite Reve jet.
  2. MSpaLuxury Exotic.
  3. MSpa Super Camaro.
  4. MSpa Camaro.
  5. Bestway Hawaii Airjet
  6. Coleman SaluSpa.
  7. GoPlus 4 Person.
  8. Lay Z Spa Miami.
  9. SaluSpa Realtree.

10.Goplus Portable Spa.

Point to note:

What is a Best Four Person Inflatable Hot Tub?

People often get confused by the manufacture’s quoted capacity. A 2-4 person capacity for example does not have to make you feel as if it is too big and only works well for 2-4 people only! What it means is that it can fit four people comfortably but we all know for a fact that “the lesser the better”. Incase you are buying a spa for only two people, let the quoted capacity not discourage you because two people will enjoy even more since there will be more utility space in the spa.

We looked at all the small spas in the market below 6feet diameter or width which is the perfect size for one to two adults to seat relaxed while their feet are stretched out comfortably and we shortlisted the best ten that we know are worth your money.

Background on Best Four Person Inflatable Hot Tubs

When inflatable hot tubs were new in the market, people treated them like mega paddling pools for children than spas. Things have evolved since and manufacturers have invented ways to design spas with strong, walls andadequate depth enough to hold large quantities of water and can support those entering the spa.

As time went by, manufacturers improved the size and started making even bigger spas. Today, we have big spas that can hold up to a maximum of eight persons in one soak.

Presently, technology has improved, and grown quickly covering even the small spas. That is why you will find more superior spas in the market now than there were before. They are durable because of the strong materials used to make them and posses superior features.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Inflatable Hot Tub for Four People

To be sure you get the best small spa that meets all your needs;you must put a few factors into consideration.The most obvious factors include; the cost of the spa, durability, features and customer review. There are other factors that might not be apparent, but are vital in a spa that functions optimally.

The main factors include:


The prices of small spas vary form one manufacturer to the other based on the models and features. These prices can be obtained from Amazon. Com. The prices range from budget models that cost a few hundred dollars to the luxurious ones that are relatively pricy.

Budget models include: Go plus 4 person and Lay-z Miami while Luxury spas include: spa Luxury exotic

There’s a wide range of prices in small blow up hot tubs, as you can see over on Amazon.com. These range from budget models costing a few hundred dollars, like the Lay Z Spa Miami and the Go plus 4 Person, up to luxury hot tubs such as the M-Spa Luxury Exotic. We also have top of the range spas that come with luxurious features and superior accessories giving the traditional built-in hot tubs a run for their money. An example of such spas is the MSpa Elite Reve jet. It comes with 118 bubble jets just like the ones in all other inflatable spas, but it has additional four adjustable hydro jets like the ones found in in-built spas.

Whichever your taste is, be rest assured that any selection from our top best list is a good selection.


All the small spas in the market currently, measure about 70 to 71 inches across regardless of their shape. Thisis spacious enough for a 6-foot person to seat and stretch comfortably.

Other measurements to bear in mind include:

  • Depth of the hot tub
  • Inner dimensions
  • Surface where the spa will be placed once inflated.

Small hot tubs range in depth from 26″ to 28″. Those extra two inches that some models providelike MSpa Camaro, do not seem much, but they allow you toenjoy a deeper soak.

What this means is that a model with 28 inches deep will comfortably accommodate two adults and both of them have the water come up to above their shoulders as they lean against the walls of the spa. With a depth of 26 inches however, two people can still sit in the spa the same way but the water will not go above their shoulders.

Inner dimensions

Modern day bath tubs are constructed using sturdy material and technology making them more durable and comfortable. The inner walls are comfortable to lean on yet strong enough to support the weight of those leaning on it without giving in to the weight and pressure.

Internal construction of the small spas is about 10inches thick. When a small spa is said to have a diameter of71inches, this is just but the overall external size. The inner seating place measures 20inches less than the overall diameter which comes to about 51inches.

Below are various dimensions of different models of small spas:

ModelDepth in inches.Overall diameter in inches.Internal diameter in inches.
1.Mspa Elite jet Reve287155
2.MSpa Luxury Exotic287155
3.MSpa Super Camaro287155
4.MSpa Camaro287155
5.Bestway Hawaii Airjet287151
6.Coleman SaluSpa267152
7.GoPlus 4 Person267151
8.Lay Z Spa Miami267150
9.SaluSpa Realtree267150
10.GoPlus Portable Spa267151

Whichever place you decide to put your spa, ensure there is sufficient space to facilitate easy access in and out of the spa, and moving around the spa.  You can place it against one side of a wall or both sides for square spas, because walls act as insulators hence saving on energy.

If you decide to put it against the wall then ensure it does not rub the wall which could lead to cracks and or leakages that may in the long ran weaken the wall.

As a basic guideline, we suggest that you leave a couple of feet on all sides of your spa. A small hot tub that measures less than 6 feet across, will occupy a space of about 10 feet by 10 feet.

Air/Hydro jets

Most small hot tubs these days come with a very powerful massage system.

As technology improves so has the massage systems of small spas improved. Many of the reviews on marketing sites like Amazon give very positive feed backs on the massage systems of the small spas. New owners of small spas are more delighted at the impressive massage systems in their new spas

The main features that determine the strength of a massage system are:

  • Number of air/hydro jets
  • Power of water flowing through the jets.

All inflatable hot tubs have the air jet system as a series of holes around the bottom of the walls of the spa. When the massage system is turned on, air blows through the holesproducing streams of bubbles that offer you an overall massage experience. The power of thebubbles being produced is largely dependent on the water pressure that is pumping the water through the holes.

Note; having more air jets does not automatically translate into having a better massage system! The jets must be backed up with a powerful water flow.

As a rule, the more cash you pay for your inflatable spa, the better the massage system is!Because it means that the spa’s water pump is more powerful. For more superior spas like Mspa Elite Reve jet, you will get additional hydro jets as well that are powered by a strong water flow.

The following is a table that shows the number of jets for each of the best ten small spas selected. We have also rated the spas based on how powerful the massage system is.

ModelNo. of  bubble jetsWater flow in gallons per hourOur Ratings.
1.Mspa Elite jet Reve118 air jets and   4hydro jets.42010/10
2. MSpa Luxury          Exotic1184009.5/10
3. MSpa Super Camaro1384009/10
4. MSpa Camaro1103809/10
5. Bestway Hawaii Airjet1203207.5/10
6.Coleman SaluSpa1203207.5/10
7. GoPlus 4 Person1303207/10
8. Lay Z Spa Miami1203508/10
9. SaluSpa Realtree883207/10
10. GoPlus Portable Spa883207/10


Everyone wants to invest in a product that will serve them for a long time. Once you buy your inflatable spa, you will be using it from time to time and this will subject it to wear and tear. That is why durability is necessity. All of the ten best small spas that we selected are durable and strong enough to match your demands. This has been necessitated by two factors:

  • Inner construction of the spa walls.
  • Materials used to construct the spa.

Inner construction

The internal construction of an inflatable spa makes the walls sturdy and durable, yet allows them to remain very comfortable at the same time.

Nowadays, the internal construction of all hot tubs has been reinforced, giving the spas more strength to hold securely the hundreds of gallons of water. The strong walls can withstand the weight of those climbing in and out of the spa. The walls are comfortable and steady enough for people to lean back without them buckling.

Inside the walls of every blow up hot tub these days, there is a reinforced internal construction which gives the hot tub the strength to securely hold hundreds of gallons of water. The walls can cope with several adults climbing in and out of the tub, even allowing them to sit on the walls without them giving way or even buckling. At the same time, the walls remain comfortable to lean back against and relax. All this is made possible by use of I beam steel construction technology which many manufactures have adopted to construct inflatable spas.

The I-Beam construction can be used vertically and horizontally, by use of an internal PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) structure that makes the walls of the spa strongenough but still flexible to sustain the demands of daily use.But they also stay flexible enough so that the hot tub is comfortable.

The hot tub materials

Just like their interiors, most inflatable spas have strong exteriors. Various technologies have been adopted when it comes to the manufacture of the outer layer of the spas with the common one being the Tri tech technology (three layer covering)whereby a layer of polyester mesh is put betweentwo layers of PVC. An example of a small spa with this exterior is the Go plus inflatable spa though one of its layers is an industrial foil that is strong enough and a good insulator too.

Superior inflatable spas like those manufactured by MSpa Company have even stronger covers. Examples of those we selected are the Mspa Elite Reve jet and MSpa Super Camaro. They boast of high quality, durable and are made of up to 6layers of laminated PVC.

Water capacity

By being small, the small inflatable spas do not need a lot of water thus making them more advantageous as compared to the large spas. Some of the advantages are:

  • They heat up faster – less energy consumption
  • They are cheaper to maintain heat.
  • They are easy in maintaining the hygiene of the water
  • They drain easily during emptying the spa.
  • They weigh less-Flexible to work with on any space.

Note; Water capacity of an inflated spa fills up to 80% of the spa’s maximum capacity so as to allow the water level to rise when people enter the spa, as well as for the bubbles to build up once the massage system is switched. This way we prevent spilling of water from the spa to the surrounding surfaces especially if you have placed the hot tub indoors.

For every inflatable spa we selected,they each have a minimum and maximum fill-line inside of each spa. It is therefore recommended to fill up to the minimum fill-line when filling for the first time. This to allow you know how much the water rises once you get in the spa as well as when the bubble system is put on.

After using the spa for a couple of times you will thereby decide if you can increase the level of water or just work with the minimum fill –in line.

The weight of the Spa

Inflatable spas carry a lot of weight especially after they have been inflated and filled up with water. One gallon of water weighs 8lbs, which translates to about 210 gallons for a small spa like Goplus for four persons. If we combine the water weight and the weight of the spa, we are talking of 2000lbs, and this is quite something yet we have not factored in the weight of those who will be soaking in the spa.

It is obvious that once the spa is filled, it might be too heavy to be moved to another place. It is therefore advisable that you ensure it is put in a firm surface, with easy to access space before filling it with water.

Incase you prefer putting your spa on a deck, Check the weight first and be sure your deck can support the spa’s weight comfortably. Following the customer reviews on Amazon, those who place their small spas on decks have either reinforced it with six by six pieces of timber or even with car jacks for other people.

If you prefer it indoors, likewise you must consider its total weight. If you are using a concrete floor then there should not be an issue as the surface is firm enough. If you are in an apartment, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert to be sure the floor can comfortably take up that weight.

The following table gives you a guideline on water capacity at 80% andweight of each spa when filled to the maximum fill-line.

Weight of small inflatable spas.

ModelWater capacity in gallons(80%full)Weight of spa plus water in lbs.
1.Mspa Elite jet Reve1841,607
2. MSpa Luxury          Exotic1841,623
3.MSpa Super Camaro1841,587
4.MSpa Camaro1841,593
5.Bestway Hawaii Airjet2101,825
6.Coleman SaluSpa1921,668
7.GoPlus 4 Person2101,793
8.Lay Z Spa Miami1921,654
9.SaluSpa Realtree1921,667
10.GoPlus Portable Spa2101,793

Set up and Heating time

The time it should take you according to most manufacturers of small spas;  from theminute you take your spa out of the box to when you inflate it, with allcables connected and it is now ready to be filled with water is about 10-20 minutes.

For those doing this whole procedure for the first time, it might slightly take you longer than 20 minutes and take you about 45minutes to 1hour.

Ensure you go through the manual comprehensively before opening your spa for installation to avoid any mistakes during installation

After installation is complete, it takes between one to two hours to fill in the water. This will highly be dependent on the water pressure from your faucet.

Once the water level is at the minimum fill-in line, you should cover the spa then set your desired temperature on the control panel. For small spas just like large ones,the maximum water temperature is 104F.

The water in the spa heats up at the rate of 3-4F per hour. Meaning that, it will take up to 24 hours or more to heat the water in your spa, depending on the starting temperature and the surrounding air temperature at the time of heating.

The prolonged period has prompted many people to fill their spas with already heated water in order to reduce the heating time.

For this reason, many people fill their hot tub with hot water, straight from their faucet, in order to speed up the heating process.

One thing you must not do, however, is fill your hot tub with boiling water as this can damage the inner lining of the spa.

The following table shows you the time it takes to heat up water in a small inflatable spa that carries around 200 gallons of water.

In order to know the starting water temperature, turn on the filter system on your spa for a minute and it will show on your digital control panel.

Note: The figures below are for guidance only.

Small Inflatable spas- Water Heating Times

Air temperature in Fahrenheit.Water temperature inFahrenheitTarget temperaturein FahrenheitHeating time in hours.


Each of the 10 small inflatable spas we shortlistedcome with an incredible range of quality accessories included in the buying price.

As a fact, every inflatable spa should come with:

  • A digital control panel
  • An insulated cover
  • An insulated ground mat
  • A chemical float
  • A spare filter cartridge (or two)
  • Repair patches

The following table shows you the features and accessories that are found in our shortlisted top ten small inflatable spas.

Small Inflatable spas – Features and Accessories

Accessory/featureMspa Elite jet ReveMSpa Luxury          Exotic MSpa Super CamaroMSpa CamaroBestway Hawaii AirjetColeman SaluSpaGoPlus 4 PersonLay Z Spa MiamiSaluSpa RealtreeGoPlus Portable Spa
Digital control pannel
Insulated cover
Inflatable   lid  
Padded flooring  
Insulated   mat
Extra-thick layer      
Variable massage      
Internal seats       
Chemical float
Spare filter
Repair patches
Instruction DVD

Top Ten Best Small Inflatable Hot Tubs

Below we give descriptions of the top ten small inflatable spas that we shortlisted for you with ratings that are based on their quality, price, and the features and accessories they posses.

  1. GoPlus Portable Spa

The GoPlus Portable hot tub is made from layers of three thick PVC with a central layer that is made of aluminum foil while the outer skin has a fabric cover. This makes the spa sturdy and durable to last you for a long time.

The spa is an excellent heat retainer thanks to the insulated ground mat and cover that comes with it.

The hot tub first came in the market in 2017 and became a fast moving spaon Amazon because of it being affordableand possessesincredible features.

It has 130 air jets that give a high-powered massage, a built-in hard water treatment system, a chemical float, a filter system, grab handles, and safety locks on the cover.

With this spabeing fairly new in the market, it has great reviews so far.

  1. SaluSpa Realtree

A partnership between SaluSpa and Realtree gave rise to this incredible blow up hot tub that has become a darling to those who enjoy outdoor soaking in a funky spa.

Build using I beam technology and Tritech skins, this spa is durable enough and will be serving you a long while.

With a camouflage MAX 5 fabric coating on the exterior, and a cute blue-and-white mosaic interior, this spa is so adorable.

It comes with great features and accessories that include: an insulated deck/floor, an inflatable lidwith safety locks, a timer-controlled heating system, easy to lift grabhandles, filtration system, a built-in chemical float, and 2 spare filter cartridges.

It has 88 air bubbles which are good for persons that do not wish to have a strong massage experience. It is not really a good pick for anyone that loves high powered massages

This inflatable spa is still new in the market but has already gained good reviews from those using it.

  1. Lay-Z Spa Miami

Lay-Z Miami is a very comfortable and durable spa that is made using the tritech technology. It has a powerful massage system of 120 air jets that promises you a great massage experience. Thisinflatable hot tubis among the most popular and best-selling inflatable hot tub.

It has an insulated cover and an insulated mat as well, both of which help in keeping the heated water warm for a long time

Lay-Z Miami is simple to install and set up. It is the best for people who prefer a plug and play model that needs little maintenance.

It has very good reviews from those who have used it with many applauding it for its affordability and maximum comfort they get from using the spa.

  1. GoPlus 4 Person

Go plus four person is an incredible spa with a sturdy construction (tri tech technology) that makes it durable and very comfortable to use. It has a powerful massage system of 130 air jets. It is affordable and has good features like: an in-built hard water treatment system, a digital control panel, an insulated cover with zip for locking, a filter cartridge and a repair kit.

Our only complaint is that the instructions are not very well-written and so it takes a bit longer than it should to set it up.

Since it is fairly new in the market, the reviews are few but for those reviews, the owners are happy by the fact that it is affordable, comfortable and easy to set up.

  1. Coleman SaluSpa

This wonderful hot tub is a product of Coleman Company that also happens to be the very first company to manufacture inflatable hot tubs.It is considered to be the number one best selling inflatable spa of all time. Since it has been constructed from strong materials, it promises durability.

Some of the good features that come with this incredible spa are: a powerful massage system of 120 air jets which give a wonderful massage experience, six spare filter cartridges, and an inflatable lid that helps in maintaining the water temperature for a long time.

As you’d expect, it’s an excellent little hot tub, with Coleman quality and features all over it. From the powerful 120 air jets giving a great all-over massage, through the rapid heating system, and on to the sturdy construction and the inflatable lid, it’s a really great tub.

This spa has very good customer review across the webs with most saying its perfect for two people.

  1. MSpa SuperCamaro

MSpa is known for making superior hot tubs that look fantastic and offer comfort. This spa has an incredible shape that gives you the luxury of lying back with your neck and shoulders covered with water.

It has a powerful massage experience through its 138 air jets that give your body a good massage experience leaving your body feeling relaxed after a soak.

It is constructed of six layers of heavy PVC that makes it strong enough to serve you for a long time. It has a beautiful exterior but an even better interior that consists of internal padded seats, an insulated ground mat, an inflatable cover with locks, and a digital control panel

MSpa Super Camaro is one of our top ten small inflatable hot tubs. It has strong reviews in so many webs with customers commending its massage system.

  1. SaluSpa Hawaii

Saluspa Hawaii is a square shaped inflatable spa that offers you a comfortable place at its corners where you rest your head as you soak away. It is spacious enough offering you sufficient room for stretching your legs; hence you can comfortably stay in the water for as long as you want because your legs will be stretching.

Some of its incredible features are: 120 air jets, an insulated cover, a cushioned floor, and an energy-saving timer that helps in regulating the heating system, and an energy-efficient insulated and inflatable lid.

It also has a beautiful exteriorskin that leather that makes it looks really awesome, giving it extra durability that will last for a long while.

This spa has very wonderful reviews across the webs. People love it because it is luxurious, with wonderful features.

  1. MSpa Camaro

This mid-range inflatable hot tub is so luxurious and comes in two beautiful colors; Jet black, and silver. It is constructed using strong materials; sixlayers of heavily laminated PVC, and a tough woven PVC leather cover material that make it durable to last for a while.It also comes with a cool touch-screen LCD control panel.

The interior of the spa is mystic black, creating a sophisticated appeal. It has 118 adjustable air jets that offer a uniform massage all over the body as you soak away. It also comes with internal padded seats, an inflatable cover that prevents heat loss, an insulated ground mat, and insulated leather – style carbon lid that has a zip and a digital lock.

This incredible hot tub makes it to our top three best inflatable spas because it is made of high quality materials that offer durability, but also it has great features and accessories.

This spa has gotten multiple five star ratings from many webs with customers being thrilled by the fact that it is spacious and luxurious.

  1. MSpa Luxury Exotic

Like the name suggests, this spa is one of the best looking small inflatable hot tub in the market currently. It has a beautiful chic black and gold design, a cool black interior, and a crocodile-skin leather pattern on the exterior.Itdepicts elegance and sophistication.

Its features include: internal padded seats, a cool digital panel, adjustable massage system comprising of 118 air jets, an inflatable lid, an insulated cover with a gold zipper and a digital lock, as well as an insulated ground mat.

A large number of reviewers love this inflatable hot tub, especially because it isluxurious, comfortable and durable. Other clients find it very easy to set up.

  1. MSpa Elite Jet Reve

We saved the best for last! MSpa Elite Jet Reve is a top-quality hot tub, justlike all the models made by the MSpa Company; it is made with a level of sophistication that is not common with other manufacturers.

This elegant inflatable spa has a beautifulchampagne gold design. It is constructed of six thick layers of PVC, making it strong hence durable to be usedall year-round. It has a Rhino-tech fabric that makes it tough enough while ensuring that the user feels comfortable.

Being 28 inches deep, the Elite Jet Reve has sufficient space to lean back while immersing in the water all the way to the neck.

It has a wonderful massage system that is made up of 118 adjustable air jets that offer a wonderful massage to your entire body releasing tension from all the sore muscles and leaving you with optimum blood circulation.

Then you can turn on the 118 adjustable massage air jets for a great all over massage. The jets havethe MSpa’s whisper-quiet technology;hence they do not disturb your relaxation.

As if that is not enough, the hot tub also has four individually adjustable hydro-massage jets that you can use to aim at different parts of your body for an intensive, strongmassage. Byfar, this is the only inflatable spa that has this kind of massage system.

Other features include:a foam ground mat that offers extra insulation, an inflatable lid, a chic LCD touch screen control panel, an ozone generator, spare filter cartridges, leather cover with zipper and digital lock, and a chemical float.

This small inflatable hot tub gets 100% in so many reviews across the internet. Owners like the fact that it is spacious enough to seat and enjoy comfortably, and is also deep.Others are in love with the quiet massage system, while others applaud the incredible features. To others, hydro jets stand out more.


Out of our ten best shortlisted inflatable spas, we can conclusively say that each spa is unique in its own way and potential clients can use the information we have given as a guide to purchasing an inflatable hot tub. Our very best spa is the MSpa Elite Jet Reve which happens to be the mostsuperior small inflatable hot tub out of the ten we featured.

It is of high quality, durable, and comfortable with a great massage system. It can be used both indoors and outdoors because it is well insulated hence preserves temperature hence saving on electricity bills.

Incase you are looking for a great bargain; we recommend that you choose any of our six budget models on our table above. Those types of models are commonly referred to as plug and play models. They are easy to set up and maintain.

Whichever suits your needs, enjoy. We hope our guide was of benefit to you!

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