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Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub

The Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tubs

After a hard day at the office or when your muscles are all sore and all they are asking for is a soak in a hot tub, then by all means the next thing to do is offer your body this much needed relaxation. But it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg for you to afford a hot tub, let alone the installation. No it does not have to. We’ve got you covered.

We have done the research and found the best cheap inflatable hot tubs in the UK. They cost a few hundred pounds yet they will provide you maximum relaxation and comfort.

What are their cons?

They lack superior features which manufacturers have omitted to save on cost of production and create a pocket friendly inflatable spa. The cheap inflatable spas lack premium features like LED lights, salt water treatment system and accessories. The features and comfort in the spa but you can always save on them and get a cheaper option that does not have them.

  1. Lay-Z- Miami
  2. Lay-Z-Vegas
  3. Mspa Alpine

Top 3 Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tubs in the UK


This is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubthat isaffordable. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces, it takes up to four people. It has a water capacity of 800litres and it heats up to 40°C,it has a bubble massage of 81 air jets.It is easy to set up as no plumbing or wiring is needed. All you will need is to plug it into an ordinary socket, fill it with water and just like that, it will be all systems go! It comes with a manual DVD that is easy to follow. It also gives instructions on how to maintain the spa.

It comes with an insulated cover that helps in reducing heat loss as well as improving safety. A digitally controlled heater pump that enables water temperature regulation, filtration as well as to activate the massage system.

Did you know that Lay-Z Miami is the most affordable inflatable spa in UK currently? Now you know.

This inflatable hot tub comes with a two year warranty thus promising durability.

Check price & user reviews on AmazonLAY Z MIAMI


Our second spa on the selected top three cheap inflatable spas is Lay-Zspa Vegas. It is a superior, durable and comfortable hot tub that takes between four to six people. Its outstanding features include: a rapid heating system thatheats up to 40°C, water filtration system and a digital control panel that is placed at the top of the heating unit, where you can easily use it to turn the water temperature as well as to turn the bubbles on and off. Its massage system consists of 87 air jets.

  • The spa also comes with an insulated cover like most inflatable spas, which helps in preventing heat loss hence saving on the energy bills. The cover also prevents the water from getting dirty from falling objects and debris.
  • Set up is simple. The spa comes with an instructional DVD that gives easy, step by step instructions that you will follow to set it up and for maintaining it.

Check price & user reviews on Amazon LAY-Z-SPA VEGAS


Last on thetop three cheap inflatable hot tubs is Mspa Alpine. This incredible square shaped spa is not only cute looking but also very durable as it has been made from sturdy materials. It heats up to 43°C using the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating technology.

It takes up to fouradults and has a massaging system of 108 air jets which gives your sore muscles a good massaging experience that will leave you feeling not only relaxed but also with a boosted blood circulation.

Mspa Alpine’s heater and air blower unit is in-built on the wall of the hot tub, which makes it easy to operate.

It consists of an inflatable ground mat and cover that facilitate heat retention hence saving energy.

Installation is just by the touch of one button and the spa gets inflated ready for use.

Check price & user reviews on AmazonMSPA Alpine D-AL04 Delight Portable Inflatable 2+2 Bubble Spa Hot Tub Jacuzzi (latest 2018 Model) Heats Up to 42 Degrees

Remember to also take a look at our best inflatable spas top list, some of the spas there might cost a little higher than the ones listed on this article, but they are worth having a look at.

Does buying a cheaper inflatable hot tub have any benefits?

Portable inflatable hot tubs are way more affordable that their built –in counterparts which need space, cost of installation which is so high, plumbing charges as well as cost of wiring and electricity installation. I am convinced that not so many of us would want to spend so much cash on a facility we can buy at a way cheaper price and still enjoy our soak.

Stand alone acrylic hot tubs are a good substitute for the built- in spas but they too still cost a lot.

The good news is that; you can get all the relaxation you wish for,and at a cheaper cost.

Affordable inflatable spas are available in the hot tubs market.

For a few hundred bucks, you too can be a proud owner of an inflatable hot tub fully installed with a heating system. Most of the recently manufactured inflatable spas are manufactured using strong materials that make the spas sturdy and more durable. The most appealing fact about these inflatable spas is that; their installation does not require the services of a plumber, nor an electrician because they are easy to install just by reading and following the instruction manuals that come with them. All you will need is just a little space and an ordinary 110v socket, a hose pile and you are good to go.

Costs of repair and maintenance are very small.

Repair costs are not costly either. Say you buy an inflatable spa at 350$, it is obvious the repairs can not surpass cost of purchasing! This same price might not be enough to cover a single time repair in an in –built spa.

Note; if you take good care of your inflatable spa, it will serve you well and for a long time.


What do you do in case there is a leak in your inflatable spa?

  • All you need to do is get an expert in sealing leaks and have it fixed. Or patch it yourself if you are able to do so.
  • Always ensure your inflatable spa is placed in a surface that is free of sharp objects that could cause tears or leaks to your spa’s skin.

Let’s talk about the features.

Inflatable hot tubs are very luxurious and very comfortable to soak in.

The main drawbacks are in their size and the lack of water jets on cheap inflatable hot tubs. Nevertheless, the bubble massage does offer the body massage, but not a strong one like the water jets would give.

The largest cheap inflatable hot tubs are those that take up to a maximum of six people, though with a lot of leg stretching problems.

Now that you are aware of the top three cheap inflatable spas, I know you are confident on which one suits your needs and pocket as well. Come on!Go, grab yourself one.

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