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Best Inflatable Hot Tub For Winter

Winter season does not have to be all cold and gloomy. There are so many ways ofbringing excitement and fun at a time like this, and enjoying a relaxing soak in an inflatable hot tub is one of the ways.

Relaxing your muscles in a heated spa during the extreme cold moments is not only calming to the muscles and the entire body but it also boosts the mood. This is a necessary investment in every home. All you must be equipped with is the right information on the best inflatable hot tubs to invest in.

Below we have selected the best inflatable hot tubs for the winter season. Selecting any of them will ensure you are getting comfort, luxury, durability, and, value for your money. A hot tub that survives winter can survive in all weathers.

We also give details on why it is necessary to have one of the selected spas in your home. We give you tips on setting them up, and all the precautions to take while at it, since there is a caveat on using spas during winter.

The following are the top five best inflatable hot tubs for winter:

  1. Saluspa Hawaii- Hydrojet pro.
  2. Intex 77in pure spa.
  3. Saluspa Paris air jet.
  4. Coleman Salu spa
  5. Saluspa Siena – Airjet
  1. Saluspa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro is the most superior of all models in this list.

  • It has a capacity of 4-6 people. A product of Bestway Company,
  • it is rectangle in shape, and a little more costly than other bathtubs because
  • it is an inflatable hot tub with water jets and possesses premium features.

Hydro jets are a rare feature in inflatable hot tubs. They provide the ultimate massage experience by thrusting water through the adjustable nozzles at high speed.

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro comes with eight adjustable hydro jets that are easy to target specific body parts to give you an exclusive massage. Recommended for people with arthritis.

It also has built-in salt water and hard water system. This means that there is no need for adding chlorine. For people with allergic reactions towards chlorine use, this is good news.

Hard water treatment takes care of skin irritation since it makes the water soft and gentle to the skin. It also prevents build-ups in the spa that may cause clogging. This in return contributes to the spa’s durability. It is easy to set up and install.

  1. Intex 77in Purespa

Intex 77in Pure Spa is an inflatable hot tub with a beautiful design. With a capacity of between two to four people, it comes with a built-in hard water treatment that prevents lime-scale build-up, which can lead to clogging of the pump, and filter cartridge. The water remains soft and gentle on your skin ensuring you get maximum comfort.

Intex 77in Pure Spais very luxurious and affordable. Manufactured with sturdy and durable material,

  • it allows you to sit on the wall without it bulging in.
  • Intex 77in pure spa has a digital control panel on top of the heater that is easy to read and use.
  • It has 120 bubble massage blowers that produce air bubbles, which gently gives your body a full massage leading to improved blood circulation.
  • It comes with a cover just like most of the inflatable hot tubs, which help in reducing temperature losses, thereby reducing your energy bills. It also offers a safety function.

Intex 77in Pure Spa is an inflatable hot tub also has built-in grab handles for easy moving when empty, and, a carry bag for storage.

SaluSpa Paris AirJet

SaluSpa Paris AirJet is an incredible hot tub, manufactured by Bestway Company, It is a six people capacity, and is affordable with a nice design and awesome features. The LED mood underwater lights. The LED lights are a good complement, especially during winter. Besides the mood lights, it has other features that give you a wonderful and, relaxing massage experience.

Manufactured with sturdy and durable material,

  • it has a cushioned air mat floor, offering more comfort as well as improving heat insulation.
  • The built-in LED strip illuminates the water from the bottom.
  • It is controlled using a remote control,
  • it creates a very beautiful ambience in the dark.
  • It has 87 bubble jets installed, which give a light massage to soothe your aching muscles. This type of hot tub is best for people that do not like strong massages.

Salu spa Paris uses Beltways’ Air Jets technology; this means that the hot tub has bubble jets.

It comes with an integrated digital control panel atop the heater unit where you get to control temperature, turn on air bubbles, or turn off the heating.

It has an inflatable cover that insulates temperatures further cushioning you from huge electricity bills.

  1. 4
    . Coleman SaluSpa

SaluSpa Paris AirJet is an incredible four-person hot tub manufactured by Best Way Company and licensed by Coleman. It is manufactured using trite material, which is a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that makes it very durable.

Coleman SaluSpa is a best seller with positive customer reviews and that alone speaks volumes regarding this spa.

  • It has a cushioned air pad floor that offers better thermal insulation and protection against air leaks, as well as improved comfort.
  • It has an inflatable cover- to minimize heat loss and for safety.
  • It has 120 bubble jets distributed all-round the bottom perimeter of the hot tub.
  • The massage blowers produce air bubbles that gently give your body a full massage leading to improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • It comes. With a standard filtration system to help keep the water, clean


  • Affordable – gives value for money
  • Durability – Designed with trite material for additional support.
  • Inflatable cover-Helps to minimize heat loss and for safety.
  • Cushioned air pad floor-for maximum comfort.
  • Has a heating system with timer function
  • Great customer reviews


  • It does not have targeted/pressurized massage jets
  • Has no additional water treatment system
  • It comes in only one color. – Green.

5.Salu Spa Siena Airjet.

Salu spa Siena Air jet bathtub is among the few 2-person bathtubs in the market. Manufactured by Bestway Company, it is luxurious, affordable, and offers full muscle relaxation with total comfort because of its incredible features. It is a perfect spa for couples, especially during winter.

Produced from the superior trite construction material, this bathtub guarantees you durability and value for money.

  • It is quite spacious, enough for stretching and comes with a beverage table for carrying your drinks and, snacks as you enjoy your soak.
  • The most incredible feature about Saluspa Siena is the 120 air jets.
  • They are distributed at the periphery of the tab giving maximum massaging experience by thrusting water through the nozzles at high speed hence improving blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • The spa comes with highly efficient two filter cartridges that facilitate you in keeping your bathtub clean and free from algae and bacteria growth.
  • It also comes with a chemical floater that to use when cleaning the tab with either bromides or chlorine.
  • Saluspa Siena Air jet bathtub also comes with a control hub that helps you to manage the air jets as well as set your preferred temperature.
  • It has two side handles that facilitate easy transportation when empty.

So, why then do you need an Inflatable hot tub during winter?

Having an inflatable hot tub at home is now popular and many people are now investing in one. Inflatable hot tubs are more affordable and they do not take up much space because of their portability.

During the winter, inflatable hot tubs come in handy especially for people with inflammatory conditions since the cold season worsens the inflammation. They help boost blood circulation and so are sore muscles relaxed during the cold season.

Other benefits include relieving nasal congestion, sinuses, and, other chest related ailments.

Advantages of inflatable hot tubs over other similar options include;

  • Inflatable hot tubs are affordable
  • Set-up and installation of an inflatable hot tub is easy
  • Inflatable hot tubs are portable – Can be set – up indoors or outdoors.
  • It has therapeutic benefits-through Hydrotherapy.
  • Relieves stress and detoxifies the body of bad hormones
  • It improves overall blood circulation.

How to Use an Inflatable Spa during winter

  • Temperature-Find out the temperature range of the type of spa you want to invest in. All models have the same standard of between 40degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note; Inflatable hot tubs should be used sparingly in places where temperature ranges go below 40degrees. You can, however, place the spa in a place where temperatures will not drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ways to place the spa in a place where temperatures will not drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit include:

Using an enclosed place – This can include using it indoors. The advantage of such spas is that they do not occupy a large space.

Garage – If there is enough space in the garage, it can be set there. The doors should remain closed.

A spare room in the house –a spare room in the house can be used as a “spa room.”

Wherever else you may find suitable, consider the following:

  • Power connection.
  • Humidity
  • Excess Water drainage

If you reside in states closer to the equator like California, Florida, or Texas, you can use your spa outdoors even during winter. You do not need any additional setups.

If you live in states like Illinois, New York or Washington, then you can make use of the solutions we provided earlier in this article. However, if the whole set up process is tedious and cumbersome, then just store your spa until temperatures are favourable again.

Here is another table to help you determine if you need to put your inflatable hot tub in an enclosure or not, depending on the state you reside:

Our shortlist of the best inflatable hot tub for winter is by no means the only ones you can use.

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