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Best Intex Hot Tub Review

The Best Intex Hot Tub

What are the best Intex inflatable hot tubs in the market currently? We set out on a mission to find out. Here is why you should consider Intext hot tubs:

They are luxurious and affordable at the same time giving you value for money spent on buying them.
Below we give you a review on the top 3 so that you are better guided on which one suits your needs.


Intex 77 inch pure spa tops our list of the three best Intex inflatable hot tubs we selected.  Here is why.

  • Besides being incredibly affordable, it offers the luxury of soothing your muscles using the combination of hot water and 120 air jets.
  • It is easy to set up does not need any expertise. Once it is set up and filled, there is no much hustle in controlling and regulating the temperature because it has a digital control panel that is self-regulating according to your pre-set settings while you enjoy your soak.
  • It comes with a storage bag. Once it is empty, it is dried and kept in a storage bag hence you do not have to worry about storage space and the tub becoming dusty.

Key Features.

• Seating capacity for- 4 people
• Water capacity -210 gallons
• Maximum water temperature-68-104°F
• 120 Air jets
• A built-in hard water system
• Insulated ground cloth
• Insulated cover
• Grab handles for carrying.
• Carry bag for storage
• Digital control panel
• Heater power: 1,300 Watts
• Heating time: 2°-3°F/hour
• Flow rate: 460 gal/hour
• Floating chlorine dispenser
• Weight: 87.2 pounds
Heat Settings.

Review of the 77 Inch Pure Spa Intex

Intex PureSpa offers you a personal experience each time you take a soak because the digital panel allows you to pre-set the temperatures and air jets according to your preference then sit back and enjoy an uninterrupted soothing session for maximum relaxation.

Hard Water Treatment System

The hot tub has a built-in hard water treatment system that helps to prevent a buildup of lime-scale hence making the water more pleasant and soft to the skin. Absence of lime build-up gives the inflatable hot tub durability to serve you for long as excessive build-up could lead to blockages and insufficient heating. The build-up could also cause skin irritation.

Suspended Crystals technology.

The Intex pure Spa has an advanced technology that enables it to produce Suspended crystals by generating an electromagnetic field that stirs calcium and other minerals in the water hence crystal formation. This suspended crystal remains in the cartridge leaving soft water in the tub.

Control Digital Panel

The Intex pure spa hot tub has an easy to access digital control panel which allows you to activate the 120 high powered air jets to produce bubbles in the spa as well as allow you to set your preferred temperature

Tough Technology Construction

The materials used to construct the tub are highly durable consisting of a three-ply laminated material that lies between standard PVC(polyvinyl-chloride) which can withstand heavy-duty use as well as reduce puncture chances.

Simple Maintenance

The spa is easy to clean and maintain. It includes two filter cartridges that are easy to replace. You don’t have to call a professional to do the replacement for you.

Convenient Storage

The Intex Pure Spa can be moved easily from one place to the other thanks to the grab handles, which give a comfortable grip to handle as you carry it around with ease even when deflated.
The set comes with a storage bag where you keep the deflated spa until you need it for use. It also keeps the spa free from dust.


No expertise is needed to install the inflatable bathtub! It is simple and fast. Using a manual that comes with the hot tub, all you need is follow the simple instructions and in no time your bath tub will be ready for use.


The Intex Pure Spa inflatable hot tub comes with all the necessary accessories. After inflating it, the accessories are ready for utilization.
Heater pump
The hot tub comes with a heater that keeps the tub heated for as long as you are in the spa.

Chlorine Dispenser.

It comes with a floating chemical dispenser with two easy to replace filter cartridges. All you need is fill the dispenser with the required amount of chlorine then dispense into the water as needed.


It has an inclusive cover like most inflatable hot tubs which help in reducing temperature losses, hence reducing your energy bills.
The cover also serves as safety function and prevents children from falling into the spa, as well as preventing dust, pebbles, and leaves from contaminating the water. It is up to you to decide whether to fix it or not.

Wrapping up the 77 Inch Intex Pure Spa Review

The Intex 77 inch Pure Spa Portable inflatable hot tub is an incredible type of bathtub that comes at a very affordable cost yet has wonderful features that contribute to your overall comfort and relaxation. It is easy to fix, has a digital control panel for your heat regulation, and has a carry bag that makes it easy to store away when not in use thus saving on space.

2.INTEX 85 INCH PURE SPA: Best for Large Families

Intex 85 inch Pure Spa is the bigger version of Intex 77inch. It is affordable, durable, and comfortable. All the features are the same except that Intex 85inch is more spacious than its counterpart. It is among the big inflatable hot baths in the market and the best choice for larger families. While Intex 77 inch has 120 air-jets, this one has 140air jets. This difference is unnoticeable because of its larger capacity.

Key Features.

• Seating Capacity – 6 People
• Weight-2400lbs when full.
• Water Capacity-290 Gallons
• Water Temperature Range: 68-104°F
• A built-in hard water system
• Insulated ground cloth
• Insulated inflatable cover
• Grab handles for holding to carry around.
• Carry bag for storage
• Digital control panel
• 140 Bubble Jets

Review of the 85 inch Intex Pure Spa

Both Intex hot tubs have the same type of heater and blower, meaning that the larger one will take slightly longer to heat up.

Why buy Intex 85 inch? (Pros)

  • Intex 85 inch Pure Spa is spacious enough to take up to six people comfortably.
  • It has incredible features that guarantee you total satisfaction but here is the catch! It is affordable.
  • During a family getaway, this is the perfect item to have to create a suitable bonding session with family or even friends.
  • It is durable. This bathtub when maintained well it will serve you for a long time because it is manufactured using durable high technology materials which can withstand heavy-duty use as well as reduce the chances of a puncture.
  • The floor is well cushioned with an insulated cloth that is easy to drain during emptying. The hot tub self- inflates very fast at about 2-3minutes.
  • Like most hot tubs nowadays, it comes with an easy to operate control panel that controls the air massage jets, and the filtration system giving you complete relaxation at the touch of the button. The digital panel gives you the freedom to set your preferred temperatures.
  • Since the heater is adjustable, it allows you to heat the water to your preferred temperature.
  • It comes with two easy to replace filter cartridges that ensure your tub is clean all the time.
  • It has a one-year warranty in case of any issues after you have bought it. disadvantage
  • Heating takes quite some time. So it might be a good idea to start setting up a day earlier


  1. The air-jet system is slightly noisy.
  2. The heater and the air-jets cannot run at the same time because the heater turns off automatically when the air-jets are turned on.


intex pure spa octagon like the name suggests is an octagon-shaped hot tub. It is affordable with great features. It is an incredibly perfect pick for people who love that corner comfort feel for relaxation since it has 8 corners that offer a firm back support as compared to round shaped hot tubs. This is an ideal choice for people with back problems.


At 79 by 79 inches high and 28 inches deep, this spa is spacious enough to comfortably take four people with each one taking a corner.

Key Benefits

  • It is durable, made from a strong 3-ply material in combination with Intex fiber technology that makes the walls of the tub to have more strength to withstand heavy weight from people who may want to seat on the sides of the tub.
  • Unlike most hot tubs that use air jets only, Intex pure spa octagon has both air and water jets.
  • It easy to operate, using an easy to access digital control panel you can simply activate the 120 high powered water jets or the air jet to produce bubbles for that cool massage and maximum relaxation.
  • It has a built-in hard water treatment system that makes water gentle on your skin, clothes, and the entire spa system.
  • It has two easy to replace filter cartridges that ensure your tub is clean at all times.
  • It comes with an insulated inflatable cover just like most inflatable hot tubs which help in reducing temperature losses, hence reducing your energy consumption.

Key Features

Seating Capacity – 4 People
Water Capacity – 210 Gallons
Water Temperature Range – 68-104°F
Bubble Jets – 120.
4 High Powered Massage Jets
A built-in Hard Water System
Insulated Inflatable Cover
Grab Handles for easy transportation
Carry bag for Storage
Digital Control Panel

Intex pure spa octagon hot tub is unique whose design is aesthetic and appropriate for many luxury settings like intimate romantic evenings, family bonding sessions, and on occasions when one wants to ease away tension from a hard day at work. It has wonderful features but still very affordable. It is ideal for people with family because it is spacious enough for four people seated comfortably. You can never go wrong with this one!


There you have it, all these three intext hot tubs reviewed here tick the key boxes of effective, durable, reliable and also provide value for money. Our top pick is the Intex 77 inch pure spa purely because it is user friendly and effortless to operate. The other two are equally good. It all boils down to what is most suitable for you. But you won’t go wrong if you pick one of these.