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Best Portable Hot Tub With Jets

The Best Portable Hot Tub With Jets

Have you been looking for convenience in terms of where you want to enjoy your relaxed moment in your hot tub? Welcome home! we shall walk you through a journey that will help you get that convenience in the Go plus portable spa. Through a comprehensive review and guide, you will be able to make better and informed choices of becoming the next owner of not only a convenient bathtub but also an easy to install a hot tub. This is an investment that is worth every cobble you are going to spend.

  • Features

Portable hot tubs are a relatively newer concept than traditionally known ground-built hot tubs, portable hot tubs offer a variety of features that enhance convenience, comfort, and value for money.

The Go-plus spa has many features that we discuss below.

  • Capacity

The manufactures market two sizes, for 2-4 people which weighs 1800lbs when filled or for 4-6 people that weighs 2250lbs.

It is quite comfortable to sit in even for a prolonged time because it does not have seats hence the whole place is meant for seating and stretching as much as it feels comfortable because there is enough space.

  • Durability

It has a durable reinforcement of I- beam architecture with heavy-duty PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that ensures the hot tub does not wear out easily. PVC offers good thermal performance, with low thermal conductivity (it resists heat transfer maintaining the set temperatures)

Its portable nature means that it will not be exposed to the wear that could be caused by weather and changes in the environment thus promising longevity.

I-Beam structure design is strong and can resist larger weights than other steels. This means that it can support the weight of people sitting at the edge without giving in to pressure.

  • Heating.

Installed with a wattage heater unit, it is capable of achieving a 34 to degrees’ Fahrenheit rise in temperature every hour, with a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This is quite fast as compared to other hot tubs since it saves energy offering value for money.

The Go-plus hot tub has a ground cloth with insulating properties to enhance thermal retention for long-lasting warmth. This comes in handy especially when it is set up in an outdoor set-up. In such a case, the tub needs to have a highly efficient insulation system to keep the water warm throughout the time it is in use outdoors.

Digital Control Panel

The Go-plus has an intuitive control panel that grants you convenient and straight to the point management of your hot tub operation.

The digital control panel includes responsive buttons that allow you to set your preferred mode and adjust the temperature of the water according to your liking. There is a digital display that also shows the temperature reading.

  • Jets

Go-plus Portable Hot Tub are uniquely successful on both 130 Bubble Jets and Bubble Massage Mode levels because it features 130 bubble jets that is highly powered and ready to chase your stress away. The combination of jets and hot tubs is almost mandatory! Jets are responsible for providing you with various patterns of water pressure to give you a relaxing experience known as hydrotherapy, also known as water massage.

There is a misconception among people that more jets equal better performance. This is not true. However, the design of the jets and how well they’re positioned is what makes the biggest difference.

These jets work by producing bubbles in all directions to surround your body with soothing pressure that helps you ease the aches of sore muscles. It is an excellent way for people suffering from joint pain to reduce their pain. Bubble massage can also help you improve your sleep as well as relieve anxiety and stress.

  • Cover.

The Go-plus spa has a PU (Polyurethane) cover that comes in the spa package. The cover helps with heat retention when you lay it over the top of the hot tub.

Additionally, it prevents dirt, dust, rain, debris, and other unwanted objects from gaining entry in the tub, keeping it clean and ready for use whenever needed.

The cover has 6 locks that you fasten to ensure it stays in place. The lock-in clips provide extra safety to prevent kids from lifting the cover entering in the water without supervision. It also prevents pets from jumping and falling into the water.

  • Installation

Wherever you choose to install your Go-plus spa, you must ensure that it is on firm ground. It is advisable to place a soft material on the surface to offer extra padding then set the spa. The hot tub comes with an easy to understand manual.

Inflation happens using an automated technique -you will not have to use manual labor at all.

There is an automatic pump that is located at the side of the hot tub and it’s very simple to operate. You only need to insert the inflation hose into the designated inlet, plug the pump into a standard electric outlet, and the tub begins to inflate.

This specific model uses air as its primary part of its set up mechanism, hence its name inflatable.


The Go-plus spa has a very efficient filtration system.

when choosing between brands, be sure to check out the efficiency of their filtration systems.

the Go-plus spa comes with a removable filter cartridge that can easily be screwed onto the pump. Install this cartridge after you finish inflating the hot tub just before you start filling it with water.

Once you begin filling in the water, the filter is responsible for removing contaminants and chemicals ensuring you of fresh, clean water with better quality.

Remember to keep an eye out for the condition of the filter cartridge in use from time to time to know when it’s time to replace it with a new since the included filter is somewhat small, which means you’ll have to change it every 3 or so weeks.

Generally, it is a very simple procedure that saves you time and effort allowing you to enjoy your soak after just a few minutes of setting it up.


Go-plus hot tub comes at an impressive price that makes it a darling to most buyers. However, the price might fluctuate during the year.


Go-plus inflatable hot tub offers lots of impressive features including a solid construction, simple setup, rapid heating up, as well as some amazing bubble massage action.

Portable hot tubs offer higher efficiency when it comes to energy consumption, this significantly cuts down on operation costs. They also give you flexibility for choosing where you want to set it up, not to mention, extra features and fewer maintenance issues.

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