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Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub

The Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub

Everyone enjoys his or her “me time”. Which better place to enjoy this than in a small hot tub as you relax and ease your stressed muscles in the spa alone. We are going to explain below why the Whirlpool small bathtub is the best choice for anyone wishing to invest in a one-person hot tub. One-person hot tubs have no much variety in the hot tub market. Our choice is a hot tub combined with a bathtub.

This incredible combination is one of its kind with exceptional features that offer you maximum comfort, relaxation, as well as a good cleanse.

  • Features
  • Built-in water pump – 300watt
  • Adjustable hydrotherapy massage jets – 5
  • Standard water Jets.
  • Air jets
  • LCD control panel with Bluetooth.
  • 7 Colors LED Light’s
  • Remote control.
  • Waterproof Headrest Pillow
  • Speakers
  • Aux Input for MP3/iPhone players.
  • FM/AM Radio.
  • Shower Wand.
  •  Incoming hot/cold flexible lines.
  •  Drains- flexible drain line.
  • Power cord.
  • Rustproof Stainless Steel Frame Advantages
  • Luxurious – incredible features
  • Awesome design – that offers total comfort
  • Real water jets – Maximum massage experience
  • Underwater LED lights – Illuminates the water from underneath
  • Integrated FM radio – for entertainment

The advantages of investing in a small hot tub.

Perfect for hydrotherapy. /water treatment. Occasionally, we all experience sore muscles. What better way to ease the tension than by use of an alternative medication like water therapy? Arthritic patients too can benefit from this hot tub to ease the inflammatory pain that comes with it.

  • Freedom of adjusting the settings and accessories to your personal liking. You do not have to consult anyone before setting the hot tub because you will be using it alone anyway. Hence, it is you to decide on the settings.
  • The hot tub jets are a vital part when it comes to adjusting. They ought to have the right power and pressure to target the areas you want to be targeted. Whirlpool bathtub offers you a powerful message through dozens of tiny jets.
  •  Affordable- Unlike the traditional hot tubs that take up large spaces for building, a lot of water to fill and a lot of energy for heating, Whirlpool bathtub does not consume much power to heat up nor does it need a lot of water to fill up. This reduces the utility bills as well as that of maintaining it.
  •  Maximum comfort and relaxation. Most of us will enjoy to their maximum when alone than when with other people. There is a tendency to loosen up and enjoy all the comfort in the pool. You can stretch to any directions without having to worry about inconveniencing anybody. After all, you are alone!
  •  You do not have to worry about whether you are in a swimsuit that is appealing to other people or not. All you need is a comfortable gear to enter into the pool with for that much needed soak.
  •  It is more hygienic compared to the other hot tubs where you share the spa with other people. Here, the cleanliness of the water is entirely dependent on you. You are therefore also at ease to use little chlorine to clean the water. This in return reduces the level of bleaching to your swimsuit and less skin irritation.
  • At the end of it all, you eat your cake and still have it!


Whirlpool bath tub in not only luxurious but has many benefits and is also affordable. It does not require a big space hence its quite convenient for any space. Above all,it offers you privacy to enjoy your space.

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