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Best Square Inflatable Hot Tub

The Best Square Inflatable Hot Tub

Every potential spa owner desires to have an affordable best Inflatable Hot Tub, yet comfortable and easy to set up and maintain the spa. Square spas offer all that and much more.

Below we have shortlisted the best square spas that you can choose from while buying a spa, and why square spas are more preferred than other shapes.

Advantages of Square over Round Hot Tubs:

They fit in many places. Square-shaped spas can fit easily in a corner against the wall of a house, at the edge of the fence or in a corner inside the house.

  • Unlike round hot tubs, square ones have flat sides that make them fit better in corners and odd angles than round-shaped spas.
  •  They are comfortable. With enough deck space for stretching the legs while soaking away, you can stay in the spa for as long as you wish because there is sufficient space. The corners of the spa also offer back support as you seat in the spa.
  • Easy to insulate. When placed against a wall, the wall will help insulate the spa hence minimizing energy costs.
  • They are visually appealing.

Top Square Inflatable Hot Tubs

Goplus Square Inflatable Hot Tub

The go-plus square inflatable hot tub offers impressive features that include; premium construction, simple setup, rapid heating system, and an amazing bubble massage action.

Key features;

  • Capacity: Go-plus square inflatable hot tub has two types. The 2-4 people capacity and the 4-6 people capacity. The small spa weighs 1800lbs when filled while the big one weighs 2250lbs. It is comfortable to sit in the spa for as long as one wants because it does not have seats hence giving ample space for seating and stretching.
  • Durability; It is reinforced using I- beam architecture together with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that protects the hot tub from wearing easily. The PVC gives a good thermal performance. I-Beam structure design is sturdy and can withstand heavy weights than other steels. Therefore people can seat at the edge of the spa without the spa giving in to the weight.
  • Heating; The Go-plus square inflatable hot tub is an energy saver and is quite fast since it has a wattage heater unit that can achieve 34 to degrees’ Fahrenheit rise in temperature every hour, and a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This in return helps you save on energy bills. The ground cloth has insulating properties that enable thermal retention giving long-lasting warmth. This feature comes in handy especially when the spa is has been set-up outdoors
  • Digital Control Panel: Go-plus square inflatable hot tub has its control panel on the wall of the spa which gives you the convenience to use the spa. The panel contains responsive buttons that allow you to set the temperature of the water as well as set your preferred mode.
  •  Jets: Goplus square inflatable hot tub features 130 air jets that are highly powered and really good for massaging sore muscle for a calming effect. Hydrotherapy is recommended to everyone as it boots blood circulation as well as enhancing the mood. The advantage of the Go-plus square inflatable hot tub is that the jets are evenly distributed to produce bubbles in all directions hence giving you the much needed relaxation.
  • Cover: The spa comes with a Polyurethane cover which helps with heat retention upon covering it on the spa. It also prevents dirt, dust, and other debris from gaining entry in the spa maintaining its hygiene.
  • Grab handles: Go-plus square inflatable hot tub comes with grab handles that facilitate easy transportation when inflated and empty. This makes moving not so clumsy and cumbersome. • Installation The spa should be set up on the firm ground. Place a soft cloth on the surface to offer extra padding then set the spa. The hot tub comes with an easy to follow manual. Inflation is automatic. The automatic pump located at the side of the hot tub enables this to happen once the inflation hose has been fixed.
  • Maintenance: The Go-plus square inflatable hot tub comes with an efficient filtration system. It has a removable filter cartridge that you can easily screw onto the pump once you are done inflating the spa, before filling it with water. Note; The condition of the filter cartridge should be checked regularly to know when it needs replacement.
  • Price: Go-plus square inflatable hot tub is impressively affordable and is a darling to many.


The go-plus square inflatable spa comes with incredible features that include an attractive shape, durable construction, simple to set-up procedure, rapid heating system, a digital control panel that is flexible to use-you do not have to exit the spa for you to operate it! and an amazing air jet massage action. It also has minimal maintenance issues. This is your go-to spa for those that prefer a smaller spa and for the ones that would want a big one.

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