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Helsinki Hot Tub Review

The Best Helsinki Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs in modern cultures are a perfect way of relaxation. After a long day at work or from a rigorous training session, or maybe when you feel like going for that soak of freshness, then where else can be as appropriate than in a hot tub as you wind up your day into the night or just relaxing away your holiday or weekend.

Unlike regular hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs are more flexible and easier to use and maintain.

There are several types of hot tubs in the market and more keep coming into the market. Below we are going to review the Best way Helsinki Air Jet.


When choosing a Hot tub, always consider its temperature restrictions. Ensure they’re suitable for your needs. Also, consider investing in quality and advanced cleaning and filtering system since the water will need constant cleaning.

The system’s capacity (size) and durability should also be the main consideration. Do you want a hot tub for single person use or family or even friends?

Durability is key too. Everyone is always looking out for quality for money.

General Features

  • The Best way Helsinki hot tub has a wooden panel design. It weighs about 84.9 pounds., its 70.8 inches wide, and has a height of 25.98 inches.
  • It has its inflating pump (which also serves as a pump for air bubbles – a standard among inflatable hot tubs) and has a drain valve for releasing water.
  • It heats up to 104˚F (Maximum limit that is set by law.) at a rate of 1-2˚F/hour.
  • The hot tub can hold up to 230 Gallons
  • It has a timer controlled unit-this means convenience since you won’t worry about stepping out of your tub to regulate the temperature
  • Integrated Chemconnect dispenser- which releases chlorine when needed to maintain the water’s cleanness.
  • Tri-tech puncture-resistant material that offer durability to your tub.
  • Rigid shell with an insulator. The tub is coated with aluminum foil, which preserves the water’s temperature. An insulated cover is also provided with the tub.
  • Filtration System Air Jet-Hot tub normally comes with pre-installed filtering cartridges. They’re installed within the insides of the tub’s walls to prevent water contamination.
  • Cushioned floor –with an included ground mat that provides you the ultimate comfort you are looking for.

Massage System

With 83 air Jet bubble system that is lined up to blow air, this guarantees you to enjoy with the heat.The air bubble massage jets are located within the bottom of the tub which means that the system doesn’t only offer you a massage on your back, but the jets are also oriented to provide relaxation to all your body muscles.


With an exterior that is made of a tri-tech puncture-resistant material for long lasting stability, its wall isn’t too thick like most hot tubs, but it’s quite strong and comfortable, enough to offer support.

The puncture- resistant tri-tech material and I-beam wall construction will ensure your hot tub lasts long and won’t bend much when people sit on the edge.

It has a flexible insulating interior and a rigid outer shell, which is as practical as those in the fixed walled hot tubs. It’s also provided with repair patches, which are helpful in case raptures or punctures occur.


The new models of Hot tubs whose walls are 3-5inches thick. Therefore, the tub won’t take much space in your backyard even with its high capacity. This is mainly because its walls are not that thick.

The tub can hold between 4-6 people, which means it’s family-friendly. It’s also wide enough for you to spread your legs when sitting alone.

Note; Because of its thin walls, it cannot hold any accessories, drink holders, or pillows.


The tub comes with a detailed instructions manual, and the procedures are quite simple to follow.

Use the control unit, which includes the heating, filtration, and pumping systems, to inflate the pool cover and liner. Then attach the hoses and have them inflated as well, pump using a high-pressure hand pump to avoid over-inflation, then finally, add water.


This tub is not high- maintenance but you will occasionally be draining and refilling the water, depending on how often you use the tub. You will also buy chemical tablets and filters.

It also has a lifting handle, which makes it easier to reposition it without having to dismantle it. This can only be done when it is empty.

Custom Support

This is more dependent on the company itself. Bestway company has a comprehensive support system where they have designed a support page where one can contact them, request a callback, for any inquiries, or just check the frequently asked questions. The page contains articles and step by step videos that help in solving common problems and more information about their products. You can contact them through email, request a callback, or submit a form.


Because of its aluminum coating, the tub can preserve its temperature.as it’s capable of keeping the water heated for longer periods.

Besides the insulating interior, the insulating covers are provided with lock-clips which helps in reducing heat loss when the heating system is turned off, usually taking about three hours to four for the water to go down by 1˚F.



Considering its durability, the Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub is a must take home. It offers maximum comfort and is easy to maintain while its capacity is also accommodative not forgetting the heating system, which is provided by the digital control panel ensuring you of maximum warmness and comfort. We highly recommend it for ultimate relaxation.

At the end of the day, we all need a relaxed body that equates to a relaxed mind and soul. Having a soothing bath is both calming but also therapeutic.

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