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Inflatable Hot Tub Landscaping On A Budget

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Landscaping On A Budget

The following is a simple beginner’s guide we will share on how to prepare a hot tub landscape for that aesthetic ambiance that you have always yearned for in your backyard garden.

You will need the following tools:

  • A Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Steel Rake
  • Push Broom-for clearing up any dirt.
  • Pick- for loosening rocks and lumpy soil

It’s always advisable to buy durable tools and equipment to last you for a while since hot tub landscaping just like any form of landscaping needs regular maintenance using this same tools and equipment

Once you have the tools and equipment in place, you will also need the following:

  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Mulch-to help in keeping the soil moist and prevent growth of weeds
  • Compost -decayed organic matter used as nutrients for plants
  • Hot tub base
Hot Tub Base


Consider using the soil that you already have. If the soil is too rocky or poor, then you might need to amend or outsource for some of the best and cheapest soil. This you can check on your local nursery, or garden center to find quality products.


Ideally organic mulch made of leaves, plant straws, pine needles, or any local products will be the best thing for your plants. Avoid using inorganic materials like stones, seashells or tumbled glass because they do not degrade into nutritive microorganisms that are beneficial to the soil.

Note: In order to prevent any mulch spill over into the tub, make the pad around the tub wider by using big slabs or make a barrier using big stones for stepping into the tub.


The use of artificial plants is highly recommended because of the hot water temperature in the tub and the heavy chemicals in soaps that can splash out on the plants. Changes in Weather is also a reason for choosing artificial plants since most bathtubs are out in the open.

Ensure there is sufficient room between plants and sidewalls to prevent bugs and insects from being attracted to the bathtub area. Get plants that are not so flowerily or with heavy scents that could attract bees and other critters.

Consider using grass as your base because it will blend well with the plants bringing out a beautiful background at the site.

For any additional plants around the tub, use containers or plant boxes. Use the following procedure to achieve that dream birthtub that you have always dreamed about.

1.Prerare the Soil.

Dig up the existing soil then top dress with good quality compost.

Quality top soil is normally a mixture of soil and decomposed compost. If you are lucky to have rich soil already, then the top dressing is a boost to your soil because it will have an increase in organic matter.

NOTE: Do not Use freshly decomposed compost because it will not mix well with the top soil.

  1. Plant the grass

Dig holes in the soil deep enough to ensure the roots go all the way into the soil to avoid bending the roots then put in your grass in the hole and start filling it in with the soil your dugout. Press it down to hold it firm in the soil. Repeat this until you plant the grass around the entire place.

3.Place the Mulch

Since we want to retain as much moisture in the soil around the tub, Mulching the area is inevitable.

Add a layer of between 2-4”of the organic mulch on top of your soil and around the already planted grass

  1. Watering

After putting the first plant down, water it and do the same in subsequent days where you will be watering the plants at least once a day until the plants establish well. This will help the plant to develop a good root system.

Maintenance of Plants

Maintaining the grass is simply trimming back during winter. Give it ample time to grow well before deciding to trim the grass.

Note. The secret to any beautiful scenery is in maintaining it. Go for your dream bathtub now!

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